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Our end-to-end solution empowers pharmacists to run their business effectively and efficiently; improving process optimization, reliability and promoting a positive customer experience.


  • Multiple phone numbers for patients – Ensure customers can always be contacted.
  • Store customer email address – Allowing for customer emailing of refill reminders, information, and news.
  • Add allergies by drug – Simply select the drug the patient is allergic to and the individual components will show up. Select the correct components the patient is allergic to.
  • Patient pictures.
  • Multiple groups for easy reporting.
  • Family member links.
  • Charting of Blood pressure, Blood sugar, Cholesterol, Creatnine CL, INR and Clozaril.
  • Customizable patient profile sorts – Allowing sort on Date, Rx Number, Drug Name, etc – Making scanning profiles quicker and easier.


  • Multiple packs per DIN on a single screen.
  • Drug images – Pharmacist can quickly identify if the correct drug is being dispensed without having to check other sources.
  • History to show all changes and modifications to the Drug card and the user that changed them.
  • Detailed ordering information.
  • Easy to follow drug usage graphs.
  • On screen preview of counseling and Kroll Care.
  • Multiple groups for easy reporting.
  • Drug Ordering/Inventory.
  • Drug alerting printouts based on CreatnineCL, gender, and age.
  • Maintains drug usage and correct minimum ordering values at all times, therefore eliminating the need to reset minimum quantities every 90 days.
  • Monitor drug on–hand quantities with in–depth reports which track all activity from receiving, dispensing, manual changes and the user which made the changes, eliminating the possibility of internal errors and theft.
  • Lock down the on–hand and ordering functions to ensure only certain staff members have access to these functions.


  • Multiple addresses per doctor.
  • Doctor signature image – Aiding and preventing prescription forgeries.
  • Store doctors email address.
  • Multiple groups for easy reporting.
  • Record alternate license numbers, specialty, and dispensing rights.
  • Option to automatically fax the "Fax doctor" report via the computers modem, saving time and paper via Windows based fax program.


  • Prescription scanning – Quickly find prescriptions without having to look up old hard copies.
  • Onscreen pricing information – Shows full details on pricing and gross profit. Also when refilling a prescription it visually displays if the price has gone up or down since the last fill. Therefore ensures all prescriptions are priced correctly to maximize profitability.
  • All crucial Patient, Drug and Doctor Information organized on the screen. Reducing the possibility of dispensing errors.
  • Easy to follow warning tab to ensure all data is entered, warns of possible errors, and information on the prescription being dispensed.
  • Detailed history of Rx’s – take the guess work out of what happened in the past and eliminates the need to search for old hardcopies.
  • Label preview to check printouts – eliminates wasting labels.
  • Suspend/Resume one or multiple RX(s) to "Hold" the Rx.
  • Digitally manage your pickup bins using Bin Management.


  • The Kroll ToDo module allows the Pharmacy to store and organize information and creates a more efficient work flow.
  • Refills – Be ahead of the game; ensure Rx’s are refilled before the patient even has time to come to the store. By starting a refill reminder program during the slow times of the day, customers can be called to remind them of repeats or Rx’s can be filled to alleviate busy hours.
  • Follow Ups – Follow up on Patient encounters providing a higher level of customer service.
  • Notes – Eliminates "sticky–notes" to leave messages and reminders. All notes will be stored in one place and visible to all users. Therefore no note will be missed or lost.
  • Doctor – Keeps track of all call doctor, doctor authorizations and fax doctor requests in one place. Simply okay the prescriptions, enter the authorized values and fill from the same screen. This eliminates searching and determining what was requested and for whom.
  • Process your RXs automatically from the ToDo queue, using the Background Rx filling service.
  • Inter–User mail exchange and distribution lists for notifications of background Rx filling batches.
  • Import documents from the Fax/Network scan queue. This allows a network scanner/fax machine to drop images into a shared folded to be picked up in Kroll and attached to an Rx or patient document.


  • New reports, which offer a more consistent, and professional output and are easy to read.
  • Option to preview all laser reports.
  • Blister packaging.
  • Interface with external packaging machines.

Excellent reports including the following:

  • Price tree report – See a breakdown of the all pricing strategies and narrow in on areas that need to be changed.
  • Rx breakdown.
  • Monthly totals.
  • Rx for drug/Dr. groups.
  • Medical expenses and medical invoice.
  • Patient medical charts.
  • And many more patient, drug, doctor, Rx, AR, and nursing home reports.
  • Extensive selection of laser and dot matrix MAR’s and TMR’s for nursing home.
  • Email and fax reports directly to customers or doctors in PDF format.
  • CSV dumps of data for easy manipulation.
  • SQL backend makes data easily available and interfaces with other systems.
  • Kroll Windows prints on laser, dot matrix, and thermal printers, therefore offering hundreds of different retail and long term care label options and styles.


That's why we frequently update our software with additional modules such as: